Friday, August 31, 2012

Morghan Alexis Foytik and her "swag"

So I think you all heard of Morghan Alexis Foytik. The girl who did bunch of memes.  So this girl is a "site model" from what i heard  , her drama started out with her famous boobs meme.  This is how the young girl looks.

 Yup that's  how she looks like. I mean as for modeling. i don't consider her a model. why because she lacks the background, the photo shoot and even the pose but she does have the potential . now I first saw her boob post on S C E N E .  Its a site modeling group. Everyone loved it first but then everyone calls her a "whore". To be honest. I didn't like it from the first because a 16 year old should not be showing her boobs on the internet. Well I also subscribed to her a while back and i noticed she post some really stupid stuff. For example, she makes fun of people with this disease. she also did some stupid memes and messed with the wrong type of people. well after that people traced and tracked where shes lives, they send her death threats and continue to harass her. People started posting these negative memes about her. Now one thing i would like to say is that no one deserve threats and get their personal information out on public. That is just wrong ! Now with the people who started to hate on this girl. these people were no better than her for example , Ashely Nicole , which i will be doing a blog about her soon! Anyway this girl post negative post about her and talks shit about her and then she blocks her. She says she does this because Morgan wished someone baby death. Well I got to admit that was rude but Ashley you are not better because all you are doing is the same thing as her. actually you are doing things worse than Morgan and this girl is a coward for blocking her and then doing all this shit. Another thing is people say Morghan is mean but then her call her a "ugly whore" or "dumb cunt" well people  prove that they are just as immature as Morghan is.  What is my opinion about this girl. I say  she needs to grow up and get rid of her "yolo "attitude  . Seriously this girl thinks shes the shit because she has "swag" . she acts like a wigger kid. As in a white kid trying to be ghetto. now as for the people who are "harassing her" . i say grow up too. you guys are just as dumb as she is. I do think she does deserve some slap in the face but people are taking this too far! Well Good Bye!

ALSO! if I have alot of grammer or bad spelling im sorry. i am in a rush!

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  1. My friend Em knows her and says modeling with her was the worst because she has a HUGE ego...